The offset poster, and the multimedia CD-r with digital files can be ordered at

To buy or for other questions, please use the formular bellow.


The poster can be ordered in the colors black, red, yellow, pink, green, blue.

Payment is carried through with PayPal.

Prices are:

Sale of digital file: JPG/PDF (JPG for digital reproduction/PDF for print).

2017/2020 © Maria Eide Bustnes

Title/Name: Free design – poster / PosterDesign

Format: Offset/CD-r.

Materials/Digital file: PDF/JPG.

Colors: Black, red, yellow, pink, green, blue.

Size/Measurements/Dimensions: Measurements are with/without frame.

With frame: B 660 mm x H 965 mm.

Without frame: B 635 mm x H 940 mm.

Poster without frame: 20.

Poster with frame: 15.

Multimedia CD-r: 4.

Year of production: 2017/2020.